Airbnb Management Cannes: Prices, Yield & Rates

If you expect us to charge anything for our Airbnb management services: You will get paid, not charged. Let us manage your property from A to Z, you earn money from your investment and we get paid from rental margins. You won’t be charged a single Euro. Good management doesn’t cost, it pays!

Yet, we do have a base rate table, articulated below into the 3 dimensions of high end seasonal rental, that is used to anticipate our costs for each level of intervention, from the basics (Airbnb Management) to the most ultimate services (Luxury concierge services) all the way through our property management service.

Airbnb Management service prices

If you want for yourself or your guest extra concierge services, there is market price for almost all the services related to seasonal rentals:

Classic Premium
Check-in 20,00 € 35,00 €*
Check-out 20,00 € 35,00 €*
Cleaning service 1,00 €/m2 2,00 €/m2
Laundry 15,00 €/host 20,00 €/host
Linen rental 25,00 €/host 35,00 €/host
Welcome basket 25,00 € 90,00 €
Key management Complementary Complementary

These values constitute for us an evaluation of the costs to be anticipated. It doesn’t mean you’ll get charge for them. We get paid from rental income, not directly from you. This not only allows us to charge nothing but also simplifies greatly your accounting management because it is all on our side for your convenience. If you want it to be otherwise, it is just a matter of agreement.

Free quote

You can contact us for any reason but if you’d like a free quote or a free rental assessment for your property, we’ll be happy to help.

    How much does the property management cost?

    Please find below the base rates we use to calculate the average cost of each specialist. We also use this fee table as an adaptive base to keep competitive, all things equal otherwise.

    Classic Premium
    Gardener 20,00 €/h 35,00 €/h
    Pool 45,00 €/d 60,00 €/d
    Cleaning service 1,00 €/m2 2,00 €/m2
    Surveillance 350,00 €/month 550,00 €/month
    Handyman 25,00 €/h 35,00 €/h
    Craftman 150,00 €/d 300,00 €/d
    Night rate x2 x2

    All receipts and accounting statements are issued in Euros.

    Luxury concierge services: base rates

    In 2020, we created a special department dedicated to luxurious needs:

    Classic Premium
    Butler 250,00/d 450,00/d
    Room maid 100,00 €/d 190,00 €/d
    Governess 225,00 €/d 300,00 €/d
    Chef 250,00 €/1/2d 700,00 €/1/2d
    Personal assistant 20,00 €/h 35,00 €/h
    DMC 200,00 €/d 350,00 €/d
    Chauffeur 350,00 €/d >500,00 €/d
    Airplane 1500,00 €/1000km RFP
    Ticketing 10,00 €/each 25,00 €/each